UI Path Form bug

i am using an array of strings for creating a drop down and everything works fine until i select the last option. whenever the last option is getting selected the whole array of strings are getting selected as user input but it works fine when selecting other options

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Hi @Debojyoti_chanda ,

Could you may explain with the Form Screenshots? We would be able to understand the problem better and help you quickly in that manner.

There is a config file where there is a list of popular mobile phones and the bot first reads the config excel file and then makes a array of string containing the mobile names which is passed to the form using a argument and creates a drop down list and as you can see the choosen option is retreived from output and matched against the phone name and when the match is found it then searches for the mobile price in a website and updates the price in config and shows the price in a message box

here is the project if you could just check

Mobile Price search.zip (17.6 KB)

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