UI Path DataExtraction

im beginner of ui path studio, i’m sorry i didnt know this is correct for ask with this type category or not, i got few question

  1. how to extract data from detail post, lets say i want get all url from post based on my search, how to get all url, now when i get url from all post, its refered to link that i opened in browser, but when i click manually from me, its show the exactly url,
  2. from all post theres some text “Lihat selengkapnya”, i want click all that in all post

thanks before, sorry im beginner in ui path


  1. Open Browser:

    • Use the “Open Browser” activity to open the webpage where you want to extract data.
  2. Find Posts:

    • Use a suitable selector or an activity like “Find Element” to locate the posts on the webpage.
  3. Loop through Posts:

    • Use a “For Each” activity to iterate through each post.
  4. Click “Lihat Selengkapnya”:

    • Inside the loop, use the “Click” activity to click on the “Lihat Selengkapnya” link. You can use a dynamic selector if the posts have unique identifiers.
  5. Extract URL:

    • After clicking, use the “Get Text” or “Get Attribute” activity to extract the URL from the opened page. Again, adjust the selector to match the opened page.
  6. Store URL:

    • Store the extracted URL in a variable or a collection (e.g., List) for further processing.
  7. Continue Looping:

    • Continue the loop to process the next post.

thanks dude for reply my question, im following your instruction but still didnt get text


Welcome to the community

You can use extract table or table extraction and you should be able to get all the urls

Also can use for eqch ui element activity and indicate the button to click and inside it use clicka ctivity with current element and you shpuld be able to click


ok thanks for information @Anil_G

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