Ui path databases

what are the databases i.e relational & non-relational that we can use in ui path studio?

HI @Ruchi15,

UiPath supports both RDBMS and Non RDBMS . RDBMS like Sql Server, Oracle,Informix,etc… through the Database activities.

And Non RDBMS like Excel,CSV . you can use ReadRange activities and stored into an datatable.


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Hey, I do have a doubt added to this thread.
These DBs I’ve worked with but I couldn’t find any way to connect to NoSQL DBs like Mongo for example. Is there a way altogether to connect to Mongo? I just see Oracle or SQL connectivity.


HI @sandhya.dev01,
Hi. Really I appreciate you having interest in the database connectivity. As My knowledge in UiPath , I didn’t see anything in the custom activity. But i will include this conversation to @badita ,@ovi and @Sorin_Stania to get more detail about this . And I have seen some post relevant to Kibana one of NoSQL DB.


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Which Database UIPATH does use for its own

What is the local database used in UIPATH

Hi @ShibaK,

The UiPath - Orchestrator is used the Sql Server by default. And Elasticsearch is optional and is used to store messages logged by the Robots.And Kibana is an open source data visualization plugin for Elasticsearch.


Hi @balupad14, Please let me know, for the orchestrator installation, this sql server should come from where? Oracle or microsoft.?
Is it be like, any one of it?

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Hi @amithvs,

Please take a look

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