Ui path databases


what are the databases i.e relational & non-relational that we can use in ui path studio?


HI @Ruchi15,

UiPath supports both RDBMS and Non RDBMS . RDBMS like Sql Server, Oracle,Informix,etc… through the Database activities.

And Non RDBMS like Excel,CSV . you can use ReadRange activities and stored into an datatable.



thanks for your response :slight_smile:


Hey, I do have a doubt added to this thread.
These DBs I’ve worked with but I couldn’t find any way to connect to NoSQL DBs like Mongo for example. Is there a way altogether to connect to Mongo? I just see Oracle or SQL connectivity.


HI @sandhya.dev01,
Hi. Really I appreciate you having interest in the database connectivity. As My knowledge in UiPath , I didn’t see anything in the custom activity. But i will include this conversation to @badita ,@ovi and @Sorin_Stania to get more detail about this . And I have seen some post relevant to Kibana one of NoSQL DB.