UI path conditional html code

i am new to UIpath can someone help me with conditional HTML code,
actually i am taking data from excel to email body and 1 of the excel column contains num value like 1-100, now when i am send value to email body with htmls tags, i want that value is greater then 10 has baground color red.

Hi @bhagyashri_pandey

use it like




Ashwin S

can you please rewrite your suggestion by using grafik from editor.?

A line (Paragraph) with text ABC having a red background would look like:

<p class=MsoNormal><span style='background:red;mso-highlight:red'>ABC</span></p>

can you help me with example

no i want the data in column that is greater than 10 should be in red bgcolor which i am sending to email body through HTML code

Data is dynamic i dont know which column is greater or less than 10

With e.g. an if else activity you can implement:
If column value greater than 10 then write out value with red background (as given on above)
else write out column value in the other format or as text

can i give this condition in html format

there are many options, but it could go in direction like:

Hey thanks for reply.
I am importing data from excel sheet into email body through HTML in table format.
I want to apply condition that if data in a particular cell is greater than a particular numeric value, cell’s background color should be turned to red in email body.
Could you please provide some way to implement it.