UI Path community edition not recognizing the ui elements in browsers even after the extension is enalbed in chrome

Did you tried reinstalling your extension? Sometimes extension doesn’t work if the previous instance of chrome was force killed.

Rammohan B.

Reinstalled the extension several times still the issue prevails. Is there any other way to resolve this.

Try to troubleshoot as mentioned here,

Rammohan B.

Hi ram mohan,

Tried this trouble shooting already but didn’t work.Can you suggest some other way to it resolved.

Shiva Thammagonda
Mobile no : +919951430464

When selecting the elements, hit F4 to switch UI frameworks. The Default framework usually doesn’t work great on Chrome, but the AA framework might do the trick.

hi Evangemert,

The solution you mentioned worked for few days. But now again I am facing the same issue. and the previous solution is not working now.


@Shiva_Karthik Hi, I am facing the same issue like yours. Do you have a solution for it?
Thanks in advance!