Ui Path Community Edition - Looping of 88 folders and hit error "This might be because of message was too large to process"

Hi, I am using community edition to loop 88 folders (each folder had 1 .txt file).
When looping the folder, will read the .txt file and append to Ui Path DataTable.
When looping 5 folders, the package running fine. But when number of folder increase, now is 88 folders. I get the message “Could no retrieve the result of the job execution. This might be because a message was too large to process”.

  1. It is because of the limit of community edition, 88 folders? or
  2. It is because of the limit of DataTable?
  3. Time processing limit? Limit to 30 second?
    Hope you guy and help me.
    Many thanks in advance.

Benjamin See

Please use the search before posting. This question was answered a couple of times before