UI Path Community Edition License issue under Windows 10 (Run as Administrator)


My UIPath was working fine yesterday and I was able to run it as administrator to get access to other processes. However, it suddenly started to report “Need a license” issue when I use “Run As Administrator” mode. This issue doesn’t occur when I start UIPath Studio normally.

Unfortunately I had to Run UIPath as Administrator because otherwise I had no access to other processes which I need to control.

I have checked my license info using Regutil.exe and it appeared good.

I have uninstalled / reinstalled UIPath studio (latest version 2019.11) over 10 times and that did not help at all.

Any suggestions?


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Kindly have a view on this thread

Though we uninstall the application make sure that we have deleted the folder as mentioned in that thread

Cheers @Jungle_Jiang

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks for your suggestions, however it didn’t work for me. I have deleted all UIPATH related folders as mentioned in the thread, and then reinstalled UIPATH.

I think the issue here is that my license is valid, but when I “run as administrator” somehow UIPATH goes to some different path to check license? Anyone also using Windows 10 HOME edition?

did you find any solution??