UI Path being wrongly analysed

Hi ,

I got Performer and Dispatcher question in UI Path certification.I have used Config file for acme_url and acme_credentials like the way they had mentioned in certification. But the assessment got analysed wrongly. I have used closeallapplications and even queue. Why is the code being analysed wrongly? Has anyone being same problem ? What do you think the reason would be?

Your final mark is 67

Unfortunately you did not pass the Certification on 2019-07-01 22:02:48.

Your status is - Not Certified

Failed criteria:

check config file - config.xlsx for extra configurations for acme_url and acme_credential,
check the closeallapplications.xaml file, for correct definition and functionality. ,
check for renaming activities 1,
check for correct queue item properties with optimal usage,
check for validation of correct items

Hi @ChaitraMuniyappa

Please check to make sure you’re renaming all of your activities with appropriate and descriptive names. Also, before submitting verify that your resulting file or comments in ACME are correct.


Could you please show me screenshot of your config file once.

Config.xlsx (20.3 KB)
@lakshmanemphasized text This is the config file of Dispatcher. Similar one has been used in Performer as well.

@nlee1131 I have renamed all the activities and also added comment in all the files which were created as well.

@lakshman any updates?


I checked your config file and didn’t see any ACME_URL and ACME_Credential values in that. Could you please check once attached file.

I have them in config. check the screenshot. They had mentioned acme_url and acme_credential in question i.e., lower case hence i have used the same