UI path assignment


After deleting the acme credentials from credential manager site, and running the assignment credentials pop-up screen is coming. After entering and running, it is not asking again. Is it expected behaviour?


Hope you are talking Get Credentials workflow in REFramework.

It will ask for credentials in first run only. Once you entered it and it will be saved in Windows credential manager. Next time onwards it will fetch from that.

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Hi @AravindS

Just to add few points to what @lakshman mentioned, if you have configured it to get the credentials from the orchestrator credential asset, and you have the asset created with values there, it will automatically take it from the orchestrator and it will not ask the credentials from you…

However, if you have not provided orchestrator credentials, then it looks for the credentials in the windows credential manager and if found, it will take it automatically. But, if that is not found in windows credential manager as well, then it will ask you to enter the credentials. Once you provide it, it will not ask for it again and will take automatically from the windows credential manager

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