UI path Assignment 1 Grading


I have completed my assignment 1 with 100% completed workitems and correctly generated comment. But still I don’t get the pass mark. Can one of you please review this and find me a solution.
I have upload twice the same project and it gives two different scores. I have no idea what is the issue with this.
Below find my project

Calculate Client Security Hash.zip (1.9 MB)

  1. Reset your test data
  2. Verify that all work items have comments (with the correct hash code)
  3. Check all the items set to be Completed
  4. Submit Assignment

Debug and see if at lease one work item is working as expected.

Hi @KarthikByggari

I have reset my test data several times and all items have comments as well.
And also completed.
Can you please look into my project I have already uploaded it .

Hi, Please help me with below query,

How to change the System1 credentials which robots is using. ?
When i give the first time credentials, robot is using the same, i want to change this login credentials, how to change the same?

Hi Mayur,

Try clearing windows credentials. You can navigate to Credentials manager in your pc and clear robots credentials which has being saved.

I guess this will help