UI path academy showing error : You should validate your primary email change before accessing the platform. An email was sent to you to validate the primary email


So until now i was using my personal email ID(as username and primary email) in UI path academy.And all my diploma certifications and exam certifications were done with the same email id.

But a week back,my organization asked us to change the primary email on our Ui path academy accounts to company email.However the username remained the same : my personal email id.

I had validated the primary email a week back itself.However everytime i login to portal,i get the below error.

You should validate your primary email change before accessing the platform. An email was sent to you to validate the primary email

I tried resending the email to revalidate again.However no mail was sent.

So now neither am i able to login nor validate.I dont know how to deal with it.
All my certifications are linked to this account.Kindly help @loginerror


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Hi @Vidya_Srinivasan

Would you log a ticket with our Academy Support at this form:

As far as some suggestions in the meantime → the Academy is simply using the cloud.uipath.com account as the authentication source (more information about that here: Forum FAQ - UiPath SSO login for all our services).
You cannot change the email associated with the cloud.uipath.com, but you can change the email of your Academy account to match the cloud.uipath.com.

This means that if you success to log in to cloud.uipath.com using your company email, you should be able to use same credentials to log in to Academy account that is associated with that email.

If my guess is right and something went wrong on the Academy side and it is temporarily not able to send verification emails for new accounts, then you should be able to verify your email via cloud.uipath.com page.
(I mentioned a new account, because if you did not have a cloud.uipath.com account for the email at the moment you tried to switch to the email on Academy, it would most likely guide you through the process of creating one, which includes email verification).

After you have a cloud.uipath.com account for the new email that is verified (which 100% works from cloud.uipath.com, unless something is blocking emails in your company firewall), and assuming Academy properly saved your new email in their database (which should be the case), then you should be able to log in to Academy using the same account you just created on cloud.uipath.com.


I used to do the same thing.Until my company asked me to change primary email to company ID.Now i have my personal email as username and official ID as primary email

I am assuming the issue is because of below confusion:

I have 2 accounts on UI path academy
1)Personal Email ID (used for certifications)(As username n primary email)
2)Official Email ID.(As username n primary email)

Since my company wanted me to change email of the one which is used for certification,i had to change the personal Email id account to company email (Just the primary email and not username).

So now in database,i have 2 accounts.(One account has official email id as Primary email and other account has it as username).

Sorry about the confusion.What is the ETA for the team to get back to us.

Och, I see. Then you should definitely contact our Academy team to resolve this issue, as it might require some intervention from our Academy team.

The typical ETA depends on the current ticket workload, so I cannot provide any specific estimate.


The information u provided helps…Thank u very much !