UI of Orchestrator

Hey guys!

Just an open question. It’s been a while since the change of the UI of the Orchestrator. What do you guys like or dislike? If there were any improvements to the new version that you liked, what were they? Otherwise, what was amiss and made you prefer the old design?

It’s purely out of curiosity :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The old design was simple and clearly understandable. New one wasted my some time to look for the things.

Yea I agree! The rearrangement of items did take some time to getting used to. Are you still using the old design?


I am curious as to what seems confusing. We have worked on separating the two types of entities in Orchestrator - the tenant entities vs the folder entities. The feedback so far has been very good and people find it easier to work with. If you give us a bit more feedback, we can work together on improving Orchestrator.

Also, the old design will be disabled in cloud.uipath.com starting with the 19th of October for Community accounts and 26th of October for Enterprise accounts.

Also, @Syahirunnisa and @ghazanfar, if you would like to, please share a bit more information on what seems to be broken with the new design. We would love to hear more detailed feedback on areas to improve and we could also connect you with the Orchestrator design team to understand specific pain points or problems to be solved.