UI logical control level automation in CItrix

I am looking at a solution in citrix to capture the level of a particular label and then navigate to sub levels. This is to ensure my solution works on different resolutions also in citrix.

I am currently using below approach

  1. Attach Window
  2. Get OCR Text
  3. Find Element
  4. Click Element

Hi @lawanyaram,

Few quick points here :

  • Find element or click elements will not work in Citrix environment
  • You need to use Find image or click image

Also, Can you tell us what is the exact issue you are facing, It will be great if you can attcah the workflow or send some screenshot for the same.


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HI Vikas
I have a application launched in Citrix and has menu navigation to screens as Context menus like Outlook
I am not able to share screenshot as its client screen.

In order to start the process I need to locate the label from where to proceed ( say a foler/menu name)
After locating that label I want to do a mouse click from that point.
Then a grid is opened. Based on some parameters I need to locate a row in the grid and click it.

hope my points are clear now.

one more point the grid content is dynamic so I will not be able to capture the image of the grid

Maybe this post can give you some pointers:

Either way it’s not going to be pretty (maybe you’re lucky and don’t need to scroll, that would help).
Best way would be to get the robot on the other side of the connection, so it’s not all image based.

Sidenote - this looks more of a HowTo to me. Do you have a proposal for improvement to make this easier or are you just looking for a solution?

I am looking for a solution