UI Interaction with bot doesn't work when RDP is disconnected

Can someone please help! I am trying to run the automation through Schedule task. It only goes to the step where it opens up a browser and stops. can’t execute any filling out form or filling out login details. Any help would be appreciated!

Buddy @farhi

  1. make sure the schedule task is set correctly and for more info kindly have a view on thi
  2. While logging in with click and type into activity make sure that the selector of the element is correct and enable these properties in both activities as follows
    in click activity
    –simulate click
    in type into activity
    –simulate type
    –click before typing

Cheers @farhi

Hi @farhi,

  1. Just try once to use simulate click, and set wait for ready property as complete.
  2. Or else check the Element exist flag once.

It might help.