UI Improvements Requirements

I am using 20.4.1. The below ui improvements are required.

  1. The run/debug toolbar icons should all list in the toolbar in both Design and Debug Tabs.
    For all the IDEs the run and debug icons are all list in the toolbar. For RPA, there should be 4 icons in the toolbar, not one folded. For the the developing process, all of the four used frequently.

  2. The On Element Appear / Vanish Activity the default property of RepeatFever should change to False. Most cases of using this activity is only once. When I use these activities, I always forget to change it manually, later corrects it, when I debug the process. It takes me a lot of time for this silly problem.

  3. It should show the Project Pane by default when create new or open a project in studio. Now there is not default pane, when I open a project, studio closes all the opened file and studio doesn’t open any files by default, and no default pane to change. So every time I need to change from the Activities Pane to the Project Pane and then I can open a file and start to work.

  4. The diaglogs for each type of property editor are too small. For RPA development, I am using the 4K 34’ montor, but I still need to scroll the small property editor window to find the cursor and change the code. I hope the default size should be larger enough to use the screen space.
    For the argument window, only 2 lines are show, For the Target Selector window, the sizes width and height are small too. It likes to work in a mobile not a pc .

Thanks for reading. And hope the new release will improve these inconviences.

  1. Add a tools to delete the unused information screenshot. Just like Remove the unused variables.
    For if the project is maintaining for a long time, there will be a lot of screenshots for adding and deleting the activities. Among them only a few are useful.

Hi @liuweiran

About the 5th advice of improvement.
Using below function will be helpful for you.

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OK, That works. Thank you