UI-Explorer selects random fileds, never hits real objects

After working for days with Studio any try to select (selectors) any object on browser or on desktop app only shows random objects. Holding mouse (on UI-Explorer) shows a red-dotted rectangle below mouse pointer. So a complete misbehavior of selection of selectors. When I click on maked areas there are some correct values but often weird ones, never those I want to select.
Any idea?

are you trying on normal websites or what kind of websites you trying ?

All objects, desktop or Browser, notepad or explorer

Hi @TP2B,

It might be related to your resolution. Check by changing your resolution settings. Try the recommended resolution first.


Hi and thanks for your help. Never heard of any recommendation. What would you say are they? Will have a try to change it and come back.
Regards Toby

Hi @TP2B

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Can you share the screen shot, it could be more helpful solving the issue


I always got chrome messages that it’s not possible to load uipath extension. I now updated uip-studio from 21.4 to 22.4 and it’s ok now.
Thanks for support!
Regards Toby