UI Explorer not giving me anything to work with

UI Explorer not giving me anything to work with. When trying to indicate element it doesn’t bring me anywhere.

Application in question is visible in UI Explorer as ‘DAT -’ with nested ‘MDIClient’ - see attached.Udklip

I believe the app is very old technological-wise, maybe some kind of dos based.

Any ideas on how to proceed?

Hi @peterelbek

I found out that sometimes running the Studio as administrator will give you more to work with. Could you try?

Looks like you are dealing with MDI (Multiple Document Interface) child windows. The “MDIClient” parent window can spawn multiple “MDIchild” windows. UiPath sees the same selectors for all the MDIchild windows and uses index to differentiate windows which is unreliable.

In my case, the active MDIchild window, which was the on top, always had idx=‘1’. Fiddling with the index also didn’t help as it always seemed to work only on the topmost window.

@loginerror Any tips on dealing with MDIchild windows?