Ui Explorer as standalone


So I’m currently working on a process for an attended user, and I’m having some issues regarding stability on that specific group of PCs that the user is using as they are of older date and IE tends to semi crash, as in not closing but won’t take input and is giving an error box.

Now if I had UiPath Explorer as a portable version where I would be able to see selectors of the error boxes popping up on the users PC, I would be able to go back to my dev pc and update the code to handle that box.

Currently I’m stuck as I have no way of getting the selector unless I start installing full studio on the older PC, add the PC in orchestrator just for me to run the dev license so I can open UI Explorer to get a selector, seems a bit overkill just for a tool that can give you selectors.

Btw there is no option for us to upgrade the PC to newer hardware or move the user to another group of PCs to use. This is public sector and that is just how it is unfortunately.

So please consider making Ui Explorer at a standalone tool that you can download or you get when you buy enterprise license.


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