UI Explorer Activity

Hi all, I am following the UI Explorer Activity video, where in the video we access the RPAchalange web site and click on the start button to get the inner Text Round 1 and high light it, how ever i am following a long but its not working for me and i feel there is something missing, heres the workflow file: Main.xaml (7.6 KB) Any ideas? Thank you in advance.

Hi @Sidney_Vogel,

I think you have to click the Start button first before you could get the innerText “Round 1”. Once you click on Start, the button text will change to “Round 1”. :slight_smile:

Yes, I tried that, but that did not work, try it out yourself see if it works, maybe I am missing an activity.

Hi @Sidney_Vogel,

What I did was to add a Click activity after the first Highlight activity. Then copied the Find Element after the Click activity. The first Find Element has “Start” as the innerText attribute value. To get the new attribute value for innerText, we need to introduce another Find Element after clicking the button. :slight_smile: