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Please refer the image below.

Always this error is shown and to solve this error I m always clicking on indicate element in edit selector window.(edit slector window below attached)

Is there any solution so that i always need not to click on indicate element and run again.

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Hi @supu123

Please use below selector. it is failing because of idx value.

<html title='Welcome to High Court of Delhi' />
<webctrl aaname='Judgements' parentclass='judgements' />


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Hi @supu123,

when you are creating selectors be sure to not edit them in a way that will create the idx-attribute as this means in your case that there are 4 other elements that are identical to UiPath.

As far as I can see you could just have used the default selector provided by UiPath:
<html title='Welcome to High Court of Delhi' />
<webctrl aaname='Judgements' parentid='MainContent' tag='A' />

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