Ui Element Not Initialized Assignment3.2

Hi everyone,
I am currently work working on assignment 2 Level 3. And I’m stucked in Create Yealry Report as I am getting this error.

What maybe the possible and reason for this and how can I resolve this issue?


Hi @jogayon001

Can o see the selector for this activity?

this is the selector




Possible cause is, When you select the month for a particular report in particular year, your selectors are not working.

Please mark solution as well. If it works for you.
Please look at XAML Main.xaml (7.5 KB)

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HI @jogayon001

In the selector you are using a partial selector. But looks like its not getting the full selector from the top container.

Have added a Attach browser activity? Adding that, and having this activity within the attach browser will work.
Or else,

you can give the full selector here in the activity itself.
If you are not using an attach browser, use the below selector and it will work

"<html title='ACME System 1 - Reports - Download Monthly Report' /> <webctrl aaname='"+SelectedMonth+"' parentid='searchForm' tag='A' />"

Thanks bro.

This is helpful and its working now.

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