Ui Element is no longer valid

I work with Infragistics WPF. There is Grid with 400 or more records. And when I doing Indicate on screen on Click ALWAYS error:
The Ui Element is no longer valid
and app is crash!
But when count recors not big, its work fine.
What can do? May be install packages?
Studio 2019.10.4
1 open Application, in grid 595 records
2 open studio
3 move Click activity on sequence
4 made Indicate on screen on column headers of grid
5 get this error and Application is crash with messages End work

Is this UiPath studio bag?

Hey @Aleksey_M

This generally happens to me when I switch between applications after I have indicated my selector.

Is this similar to what you’re experiencing?

Hi, Jacqui!
This error when I do indicated on screen on Click activity on column headers grid and when work robot.
And if I will correct error in studio, then I think and robot was work without error.


You can try to repair the selector. Uipath can keep trying to find one that works fine. Have you tried that?

No, I not tried that. But application crashes in this moment, when i try to click on the column headers.
And how does this selector help me?
I can not get the selector, after an error in UI Explorer or Studio is empty.

Hy @Aleksey_M,

Can you share a screenshot of the application so we can take a look?

  1. This 1 step
    2 Then Error. This text on screenshot: Close program. It means applications is crashed
  2. This error

Is this uipath studio bag?

This is really odd I don’t know. Running out of ideas :frowning:

Are you using a stable or preview version?

Stable, LTS studio 2019.10.4
I don’t know how uipath work with Infragistics WPF application. May be in this cause?

There is for sure a newer version 2020.4 stable.
I believe this can be the cause. Do you use community edition?

Enterprise edition. I can’t use 2020.4 because in our organization is 2019.10.4 version on developer.
I think what in 2020.4 version there will be this error same.

I install packages 20.4 of UiPath. Uiactivity. Error is stay.
I do 3 filters in grid. And when after first filter is 1 records, or a little more, then Application is crash before 3 filter

Hy @Aleksey_M,

Would you be abble to add me to your linkedin account so me can talk some more about this issue? My name it isnt hard to find.


I not use a LinkedIn.
Can we speak in Zoom?

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