Ui element is no longer valid and ui element is out of screen bonds errors

Bot is giving “Ui element is no longer valid” and “ui element is out of screen bonds” errors.

If I reconfigure the bot, then after some time it gives the same error.

Finding an answer

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Hello @Ruvinda_Nilakshika ,
Please make sure to have the below points:

1- Place the activity inside attach browser.
2- make sure it’s a reliable selector
3- choose completed from “wait for ready property”


Hi @Ruvinda_Nilakshika

Have you tried with Click Image activity.

Make sure all the activities are placed inside the Attach browser


Hi @Ruvinda_Nilakshika - Can you share the error screenshot. Also, what is the activity that currently popping up this error

I am using click activity. These Ui elements are in a Power BI dashboard. Therefore it is not possible to get the “aaname” sometimes for some elements. Even using UI Explorer

@Ruvinda_Nilakshika - Please try below steps

  • Open your selector make sure it is validating and highlighting the right element
  • Enable simulate type and see how it goes


Dear Ushu,

Thank you very much.

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