UI Element in Power BI is not working

Hi Everyone,

Can someone please help me with this. I’m banging my head to fix this, but no luck even after multiple tries

I am trying to click on the column and once we click it opens a search bar to type and search, But UI element is not recognizing the search column.

Getting this error

Please, someone, help me

Have you looked at the UiElement in the UiExplorer? Perhaps that index is changing, maybe see if you can idenitfy the bar with some better attributes

Do we any alternative solution for this thread…
I am also facing same issue,any help would be much appreciated.

Hi Kavitha,

I do remember that I used send Hotkeys activity in my case. Is it possible what you exactly you are looking for in Power BI?



Thanks for your response Harish.
The same scenario which is mentioned above,I can use hotkeys but was looking for more reliable way to automate.even by some scripting also would be fine.