Ui element corresponding to a datatable row


I have to perform various actions on a ui element, based on a row of a datatable. They both need to have the same name. Could you please help me with an idea?

@andreeabilboreanu welcome to forum.

What actions you want to perform ?
If possible , post a screenshot of that ui element and sample data from datatable.

Well, I have a page with different documents, which have associated a button for download. For example, doc A, B, C ,D,E. I put all of this data in a datatable, and I filtered it and now, on my datatable I have just doc A,C,E. The thing is, that now I have to download just the documents from the datatable (They have exactly the same name as in the page), and I don’t know how to do to click just the download button fore those documents, and not for all. I can’t provide a screenshot