UI element can not be found on a long page

Hi All.
I am trying to automate maintenance of a huge page with tens of checkboxes. Checking and unchecking works good using Check/Uncheck activity, but for some checkboxes that are on the bottom of the site it is not working at all.
Even when I used the recorder it couldn’t find any checkboxes from the bottom of the page. I tried to use many different selectors and it didn’t help. Page is fully loaded before starting any activity so it’s not a loading issue (also there is no progressive loading on this page).
As mentioned earlier it works for a bunch of checkboxes from the top it works fine.
What could potentially be an issue here?

Below screenshot of the recorder, it can detect up to SIC Description row, the rest of checkboxes is unreachable.


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Can you please send Page down pgdn key using Send HotKey activity for bottom of the elements and then check it once.

It doesn’t help. Moreover, it must be dynamic, because row to check/uncheck the boxes is determined dynamically based on user input.

How is the user input received? My initial thought is a little old-school by reading your input in some sort of dt and then reading your table in the application as a dt then iterate through where user input = category then check the box. Not sure if that helps or not

This reminds me “fakename” practice question from UiPath Academy, where we are not able to fetch all the information using selectors as it was not able to identify the unique element. It was solved by selecting the complete section (having the required information) followed by use of regular expressions.
Something similar can be applied here as well. Fetch ( or select whole page) the remaining checkbox, which are not available for selectors and based on input (process name), you connect these two and find the exact checkbox.

I hope, it helps.

This is exactly how it’s working - The user prepares a CSV input where among other configs the row names to check are provided. So in the end it’s a dt and I’m looping over it checking every row.

@Shahabuddin_Nadeem interesting idea with RegEx! Didn’t think of using it here.

Fortunately I just resolved the issue by using classic Check activity with exactly the same selectors that I tried to use with modern one and it works for all checkboxes on the page.
I have no idea what happened to the modern activity, but the old one works a bit faster, too!

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