UI component error

I’m trying to automate an incoming payment reconciliation process in SAP Fiori with UiPath Studio, which is
『import Excel data → select reprocess of bank statements app → select an open item based on the imported data → filtering the offset item of AR with the imported data → click “Activate All” → post → back to Home』
When this is executed at each row of the datatable, an UI component error randomly comes out or just goes through without action at the command of the click “Activate All” or the input a bank statement number selecting an open item.

I tried *(wildcard) instead of numbers in Parentid in the selecters that change every renew of the page and set WaitForReady COMPLETE in every command not to miss timing.

Is this a problem of UiPath or UiPath and Fiori don’t go along with?

How can I deal with this?