UI automaton next vs UI automation

At first, I couldn’t find Open browser activity, somehow I found it but forgot how I found it. So I restarted new project and tried to redo the exercise. The Open Browser can’t be found again. But when I open the exercise I just did, I was able to find it. So I compare the 2 projects, found the difference in the following 2 pictures. One shows UI automation and the other one shows UI automation next, which I can’t find open Browser. So how can I change the UI automation next to UI automation? Thanks

Which Studio are you in, Studio or StudioX? Looks like Studio.
Anyway, go to “Manage Packages” in the ribbon, and check for the UiAutomation package.

By the way, I’m not sure what “Ui Automation Next” is…

just found out the “ui automation next” shows up if i try to use studio to open the project which was created by studio X. and Can’t find open browser. But If I use studio for a new project, open browser will show in activities.

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