UI Automation Support



@product_ent Where are you encountering issues in UI Automation and where would like us to add better support?

  • SAP
  • Siebel
  • Flash
  • Edge
  • Metro
  • Lotus Notes
  • others



Hi @badita,

In my case, I am facing some problems while recognizing some elements in SAP GUI. For example, if a pop up shows up with some components inside like text boxs and labels, basically form elements, UiPath is not able to recognize the form elements inside this pop up. It is only capable to recognize the most parent element (pop up window) and in order to overcome this we are using Send Hotkey activity and sometimes when there isn’t another option, we are handling it with Citrix based activities even it’s a desktop application.


I’m aware of some old Silverlight systems, and it seems like Silverlight automation is not working 100% in UIPath
It seems like Edge market share is growing
I think UWP (Universal Windows Platform) may also grow in near future (2-3 years)


+1 for SAP and a sad +1 to Silverlight

Oracle forms could use some love as well, as the range of properties it can get is abysmal in many cases.


I am finding that the Flash support is lacking. UiPath doesn’t seem to be able to pick up reliable selectors and very easily breaks during tests. QT support would also be helpful. UiPath only seems to be able to see the top level widget and not the individual parts of a QT application.


Siebel Web Call Centre (v is difficult to integrate with, selectors change because of dynamically generated web pages and some popup dialogs need hot keys automation.