UI Automation Question for PDF

This is Studio question.
I have a Word document with only three fields:
Name: XYZ
City: CityTest
Code: 023223-8112

I created a PDF from this Word document. I mean, I saved this Word document as PDF.
In Studio, I use Send Hotkey Activities like Ctrl+1, Ctrl+Shift+5 to select "Infer entire document’ option.
I use the Anchor Base Activity to recognize the fields Name, City, Code. Anchor is “Find Element” and Base is “Get Text”. In the Find Element, it does not recognize the fields individually. It takes the entire doc. Any reason why it should do that ? THank you!

Hi @Prinal_C

You can use Read PDF Text activity to extract the text and then use Regex to the extract the required information.

Hi @Prinal_C ,

It will not recognise better to achieve this as @kumar.varun2 mentioned.
If you have large number of PDF then go with Computer Vision or Document Understanding.

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