UA Robot failing to run on a different machine

Hi community,

I am running an automation on a different machine in unattended mode which works with images stored in folders in the file explorer.

When migrating the automation from my main machine to a secondary one, I have encountered many issues, especially with the locations of the folders where I store the images.
I placed various Try/Catch activity together with log messages to debug the automation, this is one of them:

The order edjb_438yr9 could not be processed, due to the following error: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070003

what kind of error am I getting? Any addvice on how to debug it?

Hello @sebastiano_santini,

Please see the below, the issue itself is to do with the new machine it would seem;

Best of luck,


Hi @Cameron_McMahon1 ,

thanks for the reply. I do not really see how the post you are redirecting me to can help me, as it seems to be focused on offices apps. As I said I am working with folders in file explorer.
Is there a way that the solution in the post could be modified and applied to my case scenario?


Hey Seb

Have you hardcoded any filepaths which won’t be the same on the second machine?

And are the files located on a shared drive or just on the individual machines?

hi @Kane_Baden1

the File were originally on the first machine. When I migrated the automation on the secondary machine, I also added the folders with files and modified the folders paths in the automation. So in theory everything seemed to be in the right place…
Screenshot 2022-08-10 083146

In that case I think we’d need more detailed logs to figure out where the robot stopped.

Might be useful to increase the logging to verbose for the robot before executing on the new machine to figure out what activity is falling over.

I assume all the same applications being used are present and in the same spots?

This other post had the exact same error code and inner exception message which is why asked the above. Cannot Run Bot - Help / Assistant - UiPath Community Forum