Typing Passwords using Virtual Keyboards in UI path

How to Automate using virtual keyboard in Websites? I need to store the passwords in Secure wallet.How can we achieve this using UI path?

following are they way you can store secure credentials

Regards to Virtual keyboard i’m bit confused because(is it same as On screen keyboard ?) even if you store it in safe locker while typing it visible on the screen.

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Thanks Dilip!

Regarding Virtual Keyboard , My requirement is to login to my clients bank website where the password for the user cannot be typed instead we have a virtual keyboard available in the web page. It Doesn’t allow me to type anything into the password field except I can only click on the Virtual Keyboard.

For now I am using Click Image to identify the letters in the virtual keyboard, but that cannot be stored in Credential manager.

Check this:

The input (password) is variable and stored in a credential vault. But depending on the input you click different keys/images.

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