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So I am trying to have my workflow open Delta.com and then type the location from which I am flying and then type the location to where I am going. The location information is already received beforehand with an Input Code function. After this is done, I want the browser to open Kayak.com and do the same. I found the code for how to have it open a new tab on here already, what I am having issue with is, despite indicating on screen where the information needs to be typed into, the UiPath software is not typing into the browser and times out with an error. I can upload the workflow I have so far if that would be helpful. Thanks in advance for anyone’s help.

which browser are you using to write the data to?
the automation is best supported in Internet explorer, if you want in chrome please install the chrome extension and then try typing in search.
Follow the link to install chrome extension:

Pavan H

I’m using Internet Explorer. The common issue I keep having is that in the input box for websites, if what is already in the box is even slightly different from what I used in the “indicate on screen”, then the workflow bugs out. Like for instance, on Delta, when I pressed indicate on screen, the “To” destination on the website already had LGA placed inside of it. However, when UiPath launched Internet Explorer and went to delta.com, the box had To written inside the “To” box, and so UiPath froze up and gave me an error. Does that make sense?

Maybe is there a different way to indicate where on a website to click, empty field, and then type without using indicate on screen?

Use Computer vision activities.

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Main.xaml (62.9 KB)

Hey Arun,
I’m getting closer to a solution but not yet. I attached my workflow to this message. If you run it, you will notice it works for the first site, but once it moves on to the second website it freezes. Do you have any clue why?

FlightBooking3.0.xaml (56.0 KB)
Posting to update the workflow (Not solved just yet)