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I’ve got to use web or citrix recorder to build steps to type in to those fields (the screen doesn’t spy using normal functions). If I try and type in to Customer Reference Number I can get this to work but then if I scroll down the screen it’ll type randomly in to another field. What steps can I take to ensure the robot only types in to the one (correct) field?


Hello, @jordrowley
You Computer Vision activities for Citrix applications. This will make your automation easier and faster.
You will need API key for ComputerVision which you can get it from your orchestrator

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Thank you, this looks really good! Please can I ask, where do I get the API info from in Orchestrator and also will this be able to deal with fields off screen or will some sort of solution need to be built to deal with the scroll bar and if the selected field is on screen?

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Computer Vision works same as you work with normal selectors.

You dont need to scroll with some activity, Computer Vision will work on its own


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