TypeInto with SendWindowMessages enters '2' instead of "@" in BOT VDI

I am facing an issue where TypeInto with SendWindowMessages enters “2” instead of “@” in BOT VDI’s whereas its working fine in Development VDI. Not sure what is the exact issue here as its working fine on my machine.

Found similar kind of post : Bug report: Type Into and Type Secure Text Activities with SendWindowMessages or SimulateType does not work for special characters as "<" with Chrome extension?

@loginerror Hello, In the above post its been mentioned that you have reported this as a bug. So just want to check if anyone looked into this issue. Is there any solution on this?

I cannot use Simulate method because text box should not be cleared before entering the new text.
Cannot copy paste the text because the string might contain the hyperlink so it should be clickable when the text is entered in text box.
Also with default method I am facing an issue like whenever there is a newLine in a string and BOT tries to enter it then the text box is disappeared; whereas its working fine with SendWindowMessages method.

For now i have replaced NewLine with " – " and used default method of TypeInto which is working fine. But need to find the solution where it can enter the text as it is given by the user.

Hi @jyotsnasp

Could you please let us know the version of Studio and activity packages that you are using?

The issue you have linked above is marked as fixed from Studio and packages 2020.4.1

Studio version is 2021.4.4 and UIAutomation package version is 20.10.6

I found another link related to this maybe keyboard layout in BOT VDI is the issue for TypeInto with SendWindowMessages : [BUG] Type Into Activity does not support different keyboard layout - #8 by Rasmus_J

But another concern is still open… not able to understand why the text box disappears whenever there is a NewLine in a string with default method

FYI this shouldn’t be in Feedback, it should be in Help. You’ll get more responses that way. Feedback is for feature requests etc

Some screenshots might help out here to better understand the issue.

Just to make sure, could you please give the latest activity packages a go, especially the UIAutomation package?