TypeInto SimulateType omits html tags when typing into texterea on Chrome and Firefox

Hello all,

i’m trying to paste a variable containing text with html markup into a textarea using typeInto simulateType. (e.g. <strong>This text is bold</strong>. In Chrome and firefox only “This text” is written into the textarea. The html tags are lost. (In Internet Explorer it works as expected, but that is not an option for other reasons). SendWindowmessages works but is to slow. Is there some setting, so that the full text including the html markup will be written into the text field using typeInto simulateType. Any other options? Thank you very much in advance.

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Correction: In Chrome and firefox only “This text is bold” is written into the textarea.

“<” +yourStrVariable+ “>”

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Of course we got an option
It’s like copy paste and more faster method as well
Use SET TO CLIPBOARD activity where pass the same string variable been passed to type into activity, here as input
Which will set the input to clipboard

Now use SEND HOT KEY activity with key as ctrl+v which will paste the value from clipboard to the field we want

This would work either in a faster way

Cheers @MB007

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Thank you very much Palaniyappan! That works like a charme.

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