Type 'UiPath.CV.CvDescriptor' is not defined


After updating to 2019.80, I can’t publish my process, cause it says Type ‘UiPath.CV.CvDescriptor’ is not defined.
I changed the API Key, also, but not working.

I tried to upgrade the dependencies to pre-release versions, but it is still not working.

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Hi @Aqua1986

Any chance you could nail down the activity that stops you from publishing?

It might be similar issue to the one described in this post:

Alternatively, there is simply a syntax error that needs to be fixed :slight_smile: In that case, please also provide more details about your workflow.

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Hey mate,

In this case, I had to create a new variable of type Woorkbook to pass the error.

But in this case, I don’t know what to do. Cause it happens any time I use Computer Vision. Like the example I show with this printscreen.

Thanks for the availability

I let our team know, we will have a closer look.

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Hi @Aqua1986

We have found the solution. Please see my post here for a workaround:

Sorry @loginerror,

I did exactly what you said, but it insists in not working, as you can see in this screenshot:


Same for me Tried But Not Working

Hi @loginerror … Can you Please help us on this

Can you create a brand new project with a simple CV application scope and activity and test to see if it works, and then post your dependencies?

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Will try Now

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Done …But same error :frowning:


hi, did you find any definition for this problem?


Hey @KMota, the problem isn’t solved yet!

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I contacted uipath support, I’m waiting for feedback

Same here

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In contact with Uipath support I downgraded the computer vision versions and activity and it worked. 2.0.1 CV and 19.7 system.activities

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If you downgrade activities as @KMota described, do you find any success?

There is an internal Jira ticket open on this issue for 19.8.0-ce + 2.1.0

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Just Tried @Kristopher But For me it is not working yet

Please try again when 19.9.x-ce is released (should be before October)


This error continues to persist when using 19.10.0-ce.

Workflow ‘xaml’ has the following compilation errors:
Type ‘UiPath.CV.CvDescriptor’ is not defined.

Has there been an update on this issue?