Type Secure Text


I drag the “Type Secure Text” in my sequence. After I captured password field from Web mail login page, I do need to give SecureString format value.

I don’t know the SecureString format

If I try to give normal string value like “Test”, error shows like value can’t be converted from string to SecureString.

If anyone knows, Please help me to resolve the issue.

If we can have a SecureString .net function in C# means, How can I map the .net code / class into UiPath? tutorial link pls.

Thanks in advance



If you have the actual password as a normal string, there’s little point to convert it…

SecureString passString = new SecureString(); Foreach char ch In yourString passString.Append(ch);

Append needs to be called via InvokeMethod, as it’s void.

Note: last time I used “c” or any single-char name for a char variable, it was misbehaving. Not sure if it was fixed, but just to be safe do at least a 2-char name.



Here is the same question covered in Microsoft community.