Type 'QueueItem' is not defined?

How to solve Type ‘QueueItem’ is not defined ?

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May be its the tyep that you have not defined,
Please give the proper question if possible with scenario it will be easy to solve the issue at the earliest.
Pavan H


@pal1910 hi. did you resolve this?

I believe there is an easy fix to this problem. We’ll have your app running as a UiPath process in Orchestrator post-haste.

Confirm the UiPath.core package for QueueItem

The data type required for the output of this activity is IEnumerable<UiPath.core.QueueItem>

The problem is, there are a number of different packages that define a class named QueueItem that will cause problems if you use them in your UiPath robot script. The QueueItem must be of type UiPath.core.QueueItem


Class overload

Unfortunately, there are classes of type client.QueueItem, activity.QueueItem, confusion.QueueItem and errorprone.QueueItem. Okay, I made the last two up, but you get the idea.

Essentially, you have chosen the right class but the wrong package for the QueueItem object. Make sure the QueueItem comes from the right package and the error in your UiPath project should be resolved.