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I have simple question, I have a variable with names but when I use the type into it types all the names. Is there a way to only type one name? and then the other one etc.



Name = First_Name Middle_Name Last_Name
then Split the Name by spaces.
In type into activity

  • Name.split(" "c)(0) will give you First_Name
  • Name.split(" "c)(1) will give you Middle_Name
  • Name.split(" "c)(2) will give you Last_Name
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@ukjtenhoven Can you elaborate the scenario from where you are getting type into value and what you needs to type.

Hi @ukjtenhoven,

what is the datatype of names variable is it a string array?

Hi, @ashley11 @Karun @indra

I think I did not explain it right.


These are example names and one by one need to be typed into this:


Then it searches information about that person and I need that information per name.


step 1: Read the excel file using read range activity you will get a datatable
step 2: Use for each row activity to loop through the above datatable
step 3: Keep that type into activity inside this foreach and pass row(“column name”) to type into

try this and let me know for any queries…

from the screenshot you shared i hope that u are using the excel

  1. use read range activity
  2. use foreach row activity
  3. everything what you have to do before typing into the next name those activities you perform inside the for each row activity

@ukjtenhoven From where you want to to type names from Gebruiker or ukjtenhoven

it will type from empty cell

if you check the add headers check box in the read range activity properties.

From the Excel file

Alright thanks!

Alright I think that I got it


What exactly do you mean with pass row(“column name”)?


for example your input excel is like this,


row(“Age”) will return 22,25…etc on for each row loop.
In your case, pass row(“Gebruiker”) to type into

@ukjtenhoven Is it possible to share your workflow.

I’m affraid there is pretty confidential information…


so you mean like this?


yes your correct but move for each row to outside from the excel application scope


But now I get this error do you know perhaps why?


@ukjtenhoven Try this row(2).ToString in type into activity