Type on the Next line on a form

Hello - I have data that looks like : Name Last Name
Address dfjdlfjdlsjfsaljf
Zip Code

This is stores in a cell in excel and the bot will save it as a dataset then write it to a form. The problem is the bot write the whole thing in one line making it looks weird in the box on the form.

is there is way to hit enter to fo to the next line on the form to write the second and 3rd line of the data in my excel cell?

@fiora_fang Just Check by using “Name Last Name”+Environment.NewLine+“Address sddfsdf”

Check while using this value, will it enter in two different lines.

Are the Address and the Zip code values in different lines or are they separated by Spaces ?


Can you share your sample excel data file?

Also any screenshot of the form you are trying to type?