Type Into won't type inside Microsoft login box

Hello Everyone,

I tried using type into to type in my email address in Microsoft but its not working. I already tried enable simulate type and Click before typing but the bot won’t still type when reached to the login page. Can anyone help me or tell me what the issue is and how to fix it? Thanks

just make activate property as null and validate selector
check the email address is correct

I set it as null and still doesn’t work. Email address is correct since I tried it to other fields and it works fine. Selectors are validated too as seen in the screenshot.

It is highlighted to the correct selector?

I usually never use the selector “parentId” since it often results in errors. Please try it without “Isleaf” and “ParentId”.

The “app” does look strange I would have expected a browser but it might be right.

I would use id attribute in selector ,it is working for me

Yes, it is highlighted to correct selector.

I removed it and it still the same. There’s no error btw. It just closed without typing the text.

Try with send window message input method .Sometimes,simulate is not working in some websites

I try that too and still have the same results.

make both input method as null

This fixed the issue and what sangeethaneelavannan1 said to disable both input method. Thanks a lot for the help!

which one is worked for you @kevzki

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