Type Into with changing text

Hi there
I have a work flow with Read CSv and the sequence with For Each Row.

As part of the For each row processes, I need to TYPE INTO an email body and change one word to info from the CSV file.

I thought this would work but I have a warning

any suggestions?

can you please attach the warning message?Assuming the warning is “String constants must end with a double quotes” then you can re frame your statement as

“Please see attached the debtor statement For”+Your_variable+
“Please contact your dedicated travel manager with any questions.”


Also you can use environment.newline where ever you need a line break.You can choose either of 2 options

Hi @KarenL
You can use Environment.NewLine:
“Hello” + Environment.NewLine + “Please see attached the debtor statement For” + row(Debtor Code").ToString + “Please contact your dedicated travel manager with any questions” + Environment.NewLine + “Regards” + Environment.NewLine + “your dark message”
Best wishes.

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Awesome that worked!!! thank you

Hi @KarenL
If it worked please tick solution.

Have ticked… thanks again

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