Type into trikcy issue

i have a type into activity , I found when I turn on the “send windows messages”, the “@” in my string will become “2”
e.g. (v_name and v_domain are variables )

"Enable-Mailbox -Identity " + v_name + " -PrimarySmtpAddress " + v_name + “@” + v_domain

then the result is
Enable-Mailbox -Identity JohnDoe -PrimarySmtpAddress JohnDoe2uipath.com

any idea? thanks

Hi @Jerry_Su :wave:

Try to concatenate the entire result in an assign activity and then use that string variable in your type into or wherever.

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@Jerry_Su - why enabled “send windows message” for the typeinto activity?

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@Jerry_Su - Do not enable anything for Type Into activity let the default be set. Everything will be fine with default values.