Type into Text box after scrolling to the end


I have to type text in text box which may or may not have text from beginning. If there is already a lot of text I need to scroll down and put text at the end. I tried type into as well as set text activities both of which type text but not at the end. They type somewhere in between. How do I make sure it types at the end of previous text in new line. Thanks in advance for your reply!



You could scrape the text from the text box and then use type into with the scraped text + your new text.


In this case, you can pass the hot key “down”.

Do-while loop inside that place Hot key “down” in the condition choose the Find element where the you can put where you want to terminate the loop.


Hi @RISHI4897

This should work for you…

Before adding your new text, you can use a get text activity to get the already existing text into a variable. The use a assign activity to append the new text to that variable. Under value property of the assign try this

ExistingTextVariable + " " + NewTextVariable

Im adding a small space in between to add a space before entering the new text…

Then use a type into activity with the empty text property enabled to clear the existing text and add your prepared text that also includes the text which was there previously…

Does it help?

Let me know how that worked out for you…

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Hi Lahiru,
Thank you for your response. I tried your solution but I still have a issue. Empty text doesn’t empty text completely. It just deletes last line and then starts typing. So for example if below are contents of text box.

credit limit updated on 2/21/2019
credit limit updated on 2/22/2019

then it will clear only last one (credit limit updated 2/22/2019) and add new text. How do I make sure it clears everything? Thanks again for helping me on this.


Hi @RISHI4897

you can use hot keys :slight_smile:

First do a use a Select activity to select the text box you want to type data to. Then add a Hot key activity with Keys [Ctrl] + [A] to select everything in the text box. Then pass another hot key either [Backspace] or [delete] to clear the text… That will clear the data in the text box.

Now you can do a type into with the above code that I shared


You can use the next 3 steps, in order to add a new line in a TextArea :

1) Use Hot Keys  Ctrl + End,  then  ( Simulate Type = False )
2) Use Hot Keys  Enter ( Simulate Type = False )
3) Use Type Into  "The Text that you need..."