Type Into - simulate type - not triggering code behind

Hi All

I am currently working on automating a process that inputs data into one of our bespoke inhouse systems.

I have a field (Day for date of birth) that triggers code behind when you type a number into it.
This code checks if the number is below 31, it also saves the number to a variable.
Without this code being trigger the date of birth cannot be saved.

If I use the type into activity , the code is triggered fine.

However the automation has to work in the background so I have tried using simulate type to do this.

The problem is that when i change it to either simulate type or Sendwindowsmessage to true the code behind is not being triggered and therefore the date of birth is not being saved.

I had thought of using a hotkey but I’m not sure what one to use that will reflect this .

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance

give a try on this option as well:

Deselect at end - This check box can only be used when the Input Mode property is set to Simulate and is selected by default. Some target applications do not register a type action unless a Complete event is also sent alongside the action. Selecting this check box adds a Complete event after the text entry, in order to register the action correctly. If this check box is cleared, the Complete event is not sent to the target application. By default, this check box is selected.


Hi @ppr

I have tried to use Deselect at end but for some reason I dont have Input mode as an option in my activity.
When I run it with Deselect at end selected I get the following error message :
Type into : The method or operation is not implemented.


as an alternate give a try on doing the deselect by doing a tab after entering the value:

I tried tab and enter and neither are working .
Bit stuck now as there are other fields on different screens that require the code to be executed in order for the next stage to happen .


Another approach is to fire event using Inject JS Script Activity, after type into data. If trigger of the event is blur, the following might work. (it depends on its code if works or not.)

var evt=document.create('HTMLEvents');


Hi Robot
Thanks for your help with that .
Unfortunately the application does not support javascript.

I’m going to park it for now , and try to get access to the code in the application to see what is happening.

Thanks for taking the time to help

In case of you are entering a new RnD round have a check on following as well:

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Thanks Peter will check it out