Type into save does not work when typing the letter "S"

Hi all,

So when saving a document, I use the type into activity. When the variable for the filename contains for example “EUR” it works. However, “USD” stops at “U”. Consequently, the SMTP mail activity cannot find the correct filepath because “SD” is missing.

Any ideas? I believe it is not about timeout or delay.



There are some approach to improve this matter. Can you try either of the following?

  1. Change input method to Simualte if it works

  2. Set the string to Clipboard using SetToClipboard activity , then send shortcut Ctrl+V

  3. Use Verify execution (This will retry if input value is not correct)

  1. Increase value of Delay between keys


Hi Yoichi,

Thank you for your message.

Verify execution and increase delay between keys do not solve the issue for sure. Simulate did work for me with some applications. Number 2 seems like the only direct solution for now. But from an IT perspective, what is the reason that it always fails with typing the letter “S”?

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Perhaps we should isolate causes. Does this issue occur in other application such as notepad?