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Hi, good day.
I’m doing a uipath automatitation in wich I need to login into a portal web. I saved the credentials into a datatable from a execute query activity, I read the data from datatable and send it to the user input and the data are ok, but when I try to type it into the input pass element the typed text is wrong. I had sent the text into a string variable the data are ok.
How do I send the data to input pass element in order to the data don’t change?

What have set in the type-into?
And what is the difference? Is it typing something else which is not part of your string?

The set option of the type-into is “Simulate-type” and the input element in the web portal is “type=password”, I send to the type-into a string variable, this variable is setting by a Get row item activity. The different is when I show the variable in a Message box it is ok, but when I send the same variable to the Type-into, in the web portal I see a lot of points, more than the number of characters of the variable. For instace, the variable is equal to 1234 and the view in the web portal is:


What you may see in the web may be a JavaScript that does not allow view of exact count(a security measure many websites use) of characters that are typed hence increases/decreases the dots you see.

Is your Login unsuccessful?

yes, the login is unsuccessful. I tried to send the password without read it from Execute query activity, I had wrotten it in the type-into directly and in this way the number of points in the web portal are ok and the login is successful.

can you show me your typeiinto with its properties how you are using it?

This is the propertis of my type-into.

Well your type-into looks fine and there is no reason for it to type something by itself when you are passing the same var.

Can you:

  1. use a static var and assign your value to it and try
  2. Print the var.Length.ToString to see if the characters match
  3. Not sure if any whitespaces, can you use a var.trim?

It works using the var.trim, because the lenght of the var was the size of the database.
Thanks soo much by your help.

One question, do I must import arguments when I modify a XAML that is use by an InvokeWorkflowfile?

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Perfect! :slight_smile:

Only if you change/add arguments in that xaml otherwise not required every-time you do some other modifications

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