Type into "Order Total" is not working


I am extracting values from another page based on PO Number and pasting it in each tab in For Each UI element Loop.
For some reason, 4th row ,Ship Date is inserted but Order tab is missed. Cursor points to 5th row and place the value in"Order ". I tried Set Text , send hot keys to retain cursor position.

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Sounds like a selector issue,

Can you share the selector for the ‘Order Total’.




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Looks like the selector is wrong …can you please refine the selector using ui explorer


I even tried Check Element,Check App State, Get Position :frowning:


Targeting Method: Fuzzy Selector ,Image,CV
Text: OrderValue
Visibility Check: Fully Visible
Wait for Page to Load: Complete

CV Text: ShipDate
webctrl id=‘(shipDate+CurrentIndex.toString)’ tag=‘INPUT’ type=‘text’ class=‘form-control’ aaname=‘’ />"


CV Text: CurrentLabel_1(PO NUMBER)
webctrl id=‘(PONumber+CurrentIndex.toString)’ tag=‘INPUT’ type=‘text’ class=‘form-control’
aaname=‘’ />"

When the page is scrolling down while entering the data, exactly 4th Row (“Order Value”) is skipped.

Turn off image, CV and fuzzy selector as options. They should never be used unless there is no other option.
Stick to strict selectors only. I’ve never seen an object I could not target with strict. Even anchors are only needed when you really need them. Keep things simple.

Set those options, and try and select the object again.

Only if I select CV & Fuzzy selector, the tabs are getting detected.