Type into or Set text : No error in selector , but still bot is not typing

Hi All,

I am trying to perform a type into action . The bot doesn’t prompt any error message . I have also verified the selector , its fine and click activity is also working fine . But when it comes to typing the just doesn’t type.

Please suggest some possible solution .

Thanks and Regards
Sushree Suravi


Are you passing the input value, check whether it has correct value if it is a variable. Should not have any newline character at end of your input text.

Just hard code some value and try the same activity.


I am directly passing a string over there , just to test any possibility to type.

@sushreesuravi_Bhuyan Can you explain the process what you want to do? :sweat_smile:


Have you enable Clickbefore typing properties in typeinto activity if not enable and check again

Amaresan .P

Yes i have check it . Thanks for the quick response everyone . I found the solution . I managed to type with a double click and Send Hotkey.

Sushree Suravi